Vinicius Stock
Vinicius Stock
Vinicius Stock is a Senior Software Engineer at Shopify working on improving typing and tooling for Ruby. During the last 5 years, Vini has been writing Rails applications, contributing to the Ruby open source space and blogging about his learnings. Originally from Porto Alegre, Brazil, he is based in Toronto, Canada with his wife Vanessa.
Parallel testing with Ractors: putting CPUs to work

Parallelizing tests is an opportune way of reducing the total runtime for a test suite. Rails achieves this by forking multiple separate workers that fetch tests from a queue. In Ruby 3, Ractors introduced new mechanisms for executing code in parallel. Can they be leveraged by a test framework? And how would that compare to current parallelization solutions?

Let’s find the answers to these questions by building a test framework built on Ractors, from scratch. We’ll compare the current solutions for parallelization and what advantages or limitations Ractors bring when used in this context.

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