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Issues of Enterprise Rubyist


Lately “Ruby on Rails” is being adapted in many cases as enterprise solutions. That even includes a case of development matters which major IT service providers deal with. The reason that many companies choose Rails is the expectation toward high productivities and the flexibilities in changing business needs. In many cases of system development project using Rails, however, project management is also the important key to bring success to the project besides the technical viewpoint. In this session, what should be considered to get success in projects will be discussed from both view points of developers and project managers based on a case in Accenture.

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Accenture Technology Solutions Corp.

Ayumu AIZAWA is system analyst in global consulting firm. He has a wealth of experience around design/development/deploy works of business and technology architecture for large-scale enterprise system integration project as his job. He founded Ruby/Rails activities in his organization since 2009, and is working on that continuously. Also he is a member of RubyKaigi operation team since 2009 privately.



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