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Ruby on Rails development that doesn't hurt


Rails seems to be super easy and fun at first. Well, actually it is, but I suspect you may face some difficulties and lose your passion after a while, because: * Rails requires you to have wide and deep technical knowledge before and underneath the app development * Rails requires you to memorize tons of conventions, APIs, commands, plugins, etc. * Everyone writes about Rails, but 99% of the material are just rubbish * Rails flies like an arrow. It's hard to keep you and your apps up-to-date So, here are some hints and tips to get over these problems and make your Rails life happy, worthy and sustainable. * This talk is not for Rails guru

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Akira Matsuda


A freelance Railer. The founder of a Ruby community "Asakusa.rb" http://asakusa.rubyist.net/ The most active Rails core contributor in Japan. The author of several unique and useful gem/plugins for Rails 3, such as Kaminari, hocus_pocus, i18n_generators, etc.



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