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Sarah Allen (Mightyverse)


When building an application it is easy to forget that most applications today are available globally and used by people who speak many languages. You may create user interface in English or Japanese, but people may choose to type their data in their native language. Web browsers will allow people to enter text in almost any script, and if you are lucky it will "just work" ... but often it needs a little more attention. Sarah will share anecdotes from her adventures building Mightyverse, a multi-lingual database of native language video recordings. She will highlight details of how to get unicode text in and out of a database well as how to handle multibyte text in Ruby.


    2010-08-27 16:00 - 16:30


    Convention Hall 200

    Speaker Profile

    Sarah leads a small consulting group, Blazing Cloud, and is working on a mobile-focused startup, Mightyverse. Sarah started in web development by creating Shockwave and Flash video, but has enjoyed the transition from native, proprietary code to dynamic languages and open source. In addition to mobile and web development, she regularly teaches Ruby and Rails with a test-first approach. In her spare time, Sarah works to diversify the Ruby on Rails community with a focus on outreach to women through the RailsBridge Open Workshop project. She blogs at ultrasaurus.com and tweets as @ultrasaurus.

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