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The basis of making DSL with Ruby


Yasuko Ohba (Everyleaf Corporation)


Ruby is well known as a language with which you can create your own DSL easily. Making DSL with Ruby is really easy, but there seem to be many developers who have not tried to make DSL with Ruby by design. In my opinion, there is no clear boundary between 'Useful APIs' and DSL. However, we can always judge whether a code is like DSL or not, that means, we can create DSL by design. In this talk, I'll start by looking into what DSL is and when to use it. After that I'll talk what concepts, habits and techniques you need to make your own DSL, showing typical examples from famous DSL codes like Rails, RSpec and so on.


    2010-08-27 17:30 - 18:00


    Main Convention Hall

    Speaker Profile

    Yasuko Ohba (Everyleaf Corporation), nay3
    A Rails application developer who loves programing.
    President & CEO of Everyleaf Corporation.
    One of her products is Kozuchi, a family bookkeeping web application.
    Wrote the book “Ruby on Rails 逆引きクイックリファレンス” (with other authors, published by Mainichi Communications Inc.) and translated Ola Bini's "Practical JRuby on Rails Web 2.0 Projects" into Japanese (with other guys. The Japanese version, "JRuby on Rails 実践開発ガイド" was published by SHOEISHA).

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