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Dynamic Component System and Memory Reduction of VM for Embedded Systems


Embedded Systems generally have a small amount of memory and don't accept VMs which consume memory excessively. We investigated this problem from both the application side and the VM side, and solved it by introducing a dynamic component system which enables multiple applications to run in a single VM and optimizing CRuby's data structures related to its interpreter. We confirmed that the memory usage of the optimized VM with the web application framework Sinatra was reduced by 20% compared to CRuby 1.9.2. (This is a cooperation work with Hitachi Solutions, Ltd. Takeshi Kawajiri, who is a engineer of Ruby Center, gives me a lot of useful advice from the view point of a ruby specialist.)

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Kiyoshi Ikehara

Hitachi, Ltd.

April 2003, System Development Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd. April 2011, Yokohama Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.



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