Delton Ding
Delton Ding
  • @DeltonDing
Developer from HeckPsi Lab in Shanghai. Ruby enthusiasts. Main Contributor to Project Midori.

High Concurrent Ruby Web Development Without Fear

We've been debating on the concurrency solution of Ruby for several years. Numerous custom "evented" drivers have been built, but for most of these projects, developers are required to think in the "evented" way to get things work properly, which not only breaks the elegance of Ruby programming, but also greatly increases the complexity of the refactoring process.

We will then think in Ruby, looking for the solution to make your whole web application "evented" with great meta-programming features of Ruby language itself. So that, you could still concentrate on your business models while programming as usual, but the performance may boost to 5 times faster or more without any hesitation.

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