Julian Nadeau
Julian Nadeau
  • @jules2689
Julian is a Production Engineer at Shopify working on developer productivity and experience. Working on the Shopify application, one of the larger Ruby apps out there, has provided a good look into performance related topics in the Ruby ecosystem that he is anxious to share.

Busting Performance Bottlenecks: Improving Boot Time by 60%

Lengthy application boot times cause developers to quickly lose context and view applications in a negative light, which in turn costs organizations a lot of money and productivity. We found that there were a few areas that impacted boot time: compiling Ruby bytecode, serializing configurations, looking up files and constants, autoloading files, and booting Bundler. This talk focuses on our strategies and solutions which improved our boot time by 60%. Attendees will leave with knowledge of ways to find and mitigate their own startup performance bottlenecks.

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