Keiju Ishitsuka
Keiju Ishitsuka
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Ruby's godfather.

Irb 20th anniversary memorial session: Reish and Irb2

Irb has been born 20 years now.. To commemorate it I will talk about Reish and the next generation of Irb. Reish is an an unix shell for rubyist. It is a shell language that realize Ruby's feature. Also, it is an language which is metamorphosed from Ruby for more natural shell operation. Reish is under development. Reish is similar to Irb in usage, and various knowledge was gained in its development. I will introduce the vision of Irb next generation based on that.

Irbは今年で生まれて20年になります. それを記念してReishとIrbの次世代の話をします. ReishはRubyistのためのshellで, Rubyの機能を実現しています. また, Ruby操作から自然にshell操作に変換可能な言語です. Reishは現在開発中です. ReishはIrbと使い方が似ていて, その開発からいろいろな知見を得ることができます。それを基にIrbの次世代の構想をお話しします.

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