Koichi Sasada
Koichi Sasada
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Koichi Sasada is a programmer, mainly developing Ruby interpreter (CRuby/MRI). He received Ph.D (Information Science and Technology) from the University of Tokyo, 2007. He became a faculty of University of Tokyo (Assistant associate 2006-2008, Assistant professor 2008-2012). After 13 years in University, he joined Matz's team in Heroku, Inc (2012-2017). At 2017 he joined Cookpad Inc. He is also a director of Ruby Association.

Fiber in the 10th year

10 years ago I introduced new class Fiber into Ruby 1.9 as (semi-)coroutine.

Fiber is a powerful tool to make generators and self managing context switching scheduler. Recently we receive a new proposal "auto-Fiber" to use Fiber aggressively in asynchronous operations.

In this talk, I will introduce a Fiber itself and a brief histroy of Fiber implementations. What is coroutine and semi-coroutine? Why we need to require 'fiber' library to use Fiber#transfer? How to implement fibers and how to speed up them? Also I introduce new proposal "auto-Fiber" and this discussion.

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