Kouhei Sutou
Kouhei Sutou
He is a free software programmer and the president of ClearCode Inc. He is also the namer of ClearCode Inc. The origin of the company name is "clear code". We will be programmers that code clear code as our company name suggests. He is interested in how to tell other programmers about how he codes clear code.

Improve extension API: C++ as better language for extension

This talk proposes better extension API.

The current extension API is C API. In the past, some languages such as Rust (RubyKaigi 2015), Go (Oedo RubyKaigi 05), rubex (RubyKaigi 2016) were proposed as languages to write extension.

This talks proposes C++ as a better language for writing extension. Reasons:

  • C++ API can provide simpler API than C API.
  • C++ API doesn't need C bindings because C++ can use C API including macro natively. Other languages such as Rust and Go need C bindings.
  • Less API maintenance cost. Other approaches need more works for Ruby evolution such as introduces new syntax and new API.

Presentation Material

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