Masatoshi SEKI
Masatoshi SEKI
Masatoshi Seki is a Ruby committer and the author of several Ruby standard libraries including dRuby, ERB, and Rinda. He’s an expert in object-oriented programming, distributed systems, and eXtreme programming. He has been speaking at RubyKaigi every year since 2006 when the Kaigi first started.

How to write synchronization mechanisms for Fiber

Ruby threads are amazing, but for some reason they don't seem to be very popular. So I decided I'd try experimenting with programming multiple independent execution flows in a single thread using Fibers.

In this talk, I'll first explain an idiom for easily writing synchronization mechanisms between Fibers. Then I will explain in detail an example which combines a framework abstracting 'select' with the Fiber idiom to achieve blocking-like non-blocking IO. I'll explain this using actual code from examples of timer-based periodic processing and simple TCP/IP server programming, to an over-the-top example running WEBrick on a single thread (using Fiber to handle multiple clients synchronously). I'll also explain ways to combine this with threads.

In the talk I'd like to present the following: * an example of select abstraction * some essential features for Fibers

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