Masahiro TANAKA
Masahiro TANAKA
  • @masa16tanaka
Research Fellow at CCS, University of Tsukuba. The author of NArray and Pwrake.

Progress of Ruby/Numo: Numerical Computing for Ruby

In my view, the primary reason why Python has become popular in scientific computing is that Python has Numpy, a powerful tool for data processing and it serves as the basis of various libraries. As an equivalent to Numpy in Ruby, I have been developing NArray as I reported in RubyKaigi 2010. Now I am developing the new version of NArray as a library in Ruby/Numo (NUmerical MOdule). Currently Ruby/Numo contains interfaces to BLAS/LAPACK, GSL, FFTE, and Gnuplot. However, the development is far from complete and needs further effort. In this talk, I will report the progress of the Ruby/Numo project and discuss issues in scientific computing with Ruby.

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