Satoshi "moris" Tagomori
Satoshi "moris" Tagomori
  • @tagomoris
OSS developer/maintainer: Fluentd, Norikra, MessagePack-Ruby, Woothee and many others mainly about Web services, data collecting and distributed/streaming data processing. Living in Tokyo, and day job is for Treasure Data.

Ruby for Distributed Storage System

Storage systems is a big topic in distributed systems, which requires high stability, reliability and performance. There are many OSS distributed storage systems, but most of these are implemented in Java and other JVM languages (just some others are in C++, Riak, etc). An OSS distributed storage, bigdam-pool, is implemented both in Java and Ruby and I'm getting a benchmark score for both implementations. This talk will show the details of benchmark result, and what I learnt from this trial.

  • Providing HTTP API in a daemon
  • Serializing/Deserializing Data
  • Performance

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