Kouji Takao
Kouji Takao
  • @takaokouji
President of Ruby Programming Shounendan.
Nobuyuki Honda
Nobuyuki Honda
  • @nobyuki
Vice-president of Ruby Programming Shounendan.

Smalruby : The neat thing to connect Rubyists and Scratchers

The Smalruby is a 2D game development library that aims to be compatible with Scratch (Scratch is most famous visual programming language:

Reacently, programming education for kids is expanding rapidly and Scratch is ususally a first-contact programming language for them. Some kids, good Scratchers, try to learn a text-based programming languege.

Smalruby helps to make Scratcher Rubyist!

This talk includes the following topics:

  • The recent situation of programming education for kids.
  • Smalruby's features.
  • Smalruby inside.

Presentation Material

Recorded video