Vladimir Makarov
Vladimir Makarov
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Vladimir Makarov is a software developer. His major interests lays in algorithms, programming languages, compilers and JITs. Vladimir finished Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and got his PhD in computer science in Russian Academy of Sciences. Last 20 years he has been working on GCC in RedHat, Canada. Vladimir started his work on Ruby MRI in 2015. His MRI projects are new hash tables and ongoing implementation of new VM instructions and JIT. Vladimir lives in Toronto, Canada.

Towards Ruby 3x3 performance

Ruby 3x3 project has a very ambitious goal to improve MRI performance in 3 times in comparison with MRI version 2.0.

This talk is about my attempt to achieve this goal in a project to implement RTL VM instructions and JIT in MRI VM. The project can be found on

We will talk about the project motivation, goals, and approaches, and the current state of the project. Performance comparison with JRuby, Graal/Truffle Ruby, and OMR Ruby and future directions of the project will be given too.

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