Yuki Nishijima
Yuki Nishijima
Yuki is a Rubyist who was raised in Tokyo and a software engineer at Artsy in New York. He is a Ruby committer, the creator of the did_you_mean gem, maintainer of the Kaminari gem, and frequent contributor to many open source projects including Rails.

Static Typo Checker in Ruby

Since 2.3.0, Ruby comes with a dynamic typo checker called the did_you_mean gem, which helps find a bug caused by a typo. However, there's one argument against its design: it runs a naming check at runtime.

So what makes it difficult to implement a static typo checker? What are the technical challenges to build it? Is Type really necessary? In this talk, we'll discuss techniques for how to write a static typo checker by looking at examples that find an undefined method without running Ruby code. Join us to learn about the future of Ruby's typo checker.

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