Alexander Ivanov
Alexander Ivanov

A programmer with interest in language development: worked as a web developer, loves open source, currently works on development tools. Loves language design and compilers, contributed to Elixir, currently contributing to Nim.

Zahary Karadjov
Zahary Karadjov

Zahary is member of the core compiler team of the Nim programming language. He joined the project 7 years ago, hoping that one day Nim will surpass C++ in usage and popularity. His career started as a game engine developer, where he learned how to push the modern hardware to its limits, but eventually he went to become the first Nim hire at, where his team is building Nimbus: an Ethereum 2.0 Sharding Client for Resource-Restricted Devices.

Compiling Ruby to idiomatic code in static languages

Generating code and compiling code are very useful, but usually the target is the machine: so the generated code is very unfriendly for programmers. We will show two approaches with which we are able to compile Ruby to code in statically typed languages and make it idiomatic and nice

pseudocode-like(where we support small programs in a subset of Ruby, but we can generate correct statically typed code in C++, C#, Go, Java) and

realcode-like, where we infer ruby types on runtime and autotranslate more complicated codebase to Nim(rb2nim): the result requires some manual work, but automates most of it.

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