Amir Rajan
Amir Rajan

Amir Rajan is a pretty decent dev and is constantly trying to improve in his craft. He’s a jack of all trades, being comfortable with a number of platforms and languages. Last but certainly not least, Amir is the creator of A Dark Room iOS. This RPG conquered the world and took the #1 spot in the App Store and placed in the top #10 paid apps across 70 countries. It has been downloaded over 2.5 millions times and is a staple game in the App Store with over 25,000 five star reviews.

Building a game for the Nintendo Switch using Ruby

Amir Rajan has done something insane. He released a Nintendo Switch game written entirely in mRuby and C. Amir will share his journey with you from the inception of A Dark Room Switch, it's integration with libSDL, all the way to the submission to his publisher. Hopefully, Amir will inspire others to pursue game development projects of their own using Ruby.

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