Charles Nutter
Charles Nutter

Charles works on JVM languages at Red Hat.

Thomas E Enebo
Thomas E Enebo

Thomas Enebo co-leads the JRuby project. He has been passionately working on JRuby for many years. When not working on JRuby, he is writing Ruby applications, playing with Java, and enjoying a decent beer.

JRuby: The Road to Ruby 2.6 and Rails 6

Over the past six months, the JRuby team has been working on filling in edges: getting refinements working well, porting C extensions, and getting well-known applications running. At the same time, we always try to push forward on performance and general compatibility. In this talk, we'll cover recent work to support Rails 6 and Ruby 2.6. We'll show off a major Rails application running on JRuby. And we'll show you how you can help us keep JRuby moving forward.

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