A member of Ruby core team. He maintains RubyGems, Rake, rdoc, psych, ruby-build, etc. and He is an administrator of and supports to develop the environment of Ruby language. He is also Executive Officer in GMO Pepabo, Inc. His most interest things are “Productivity” He believes, there's business value in fun. The team member happiness can make valuable products.

The future of the Bundled Bundler with RubyGems

I did merge Bundler into Ruby core repository and shipped bundler as standard library on Ruby 2.6. It helps to preparation of the fresh Ruby install and easy to use gem and bundle commands.

In background, we have a lot of issues until done to merge bundler into ruby core. This presentation show the some of issues of it works that are test suite, rubygems integration and library ecosystem like heroku. You can understand the internal of library management by rubygems and bundler.

Finally, I'm going to show the integration plan of RubyGems and Bundler and the part of its implements. Also I will show the issues of the current status. You can resolve them after my talk.

Presentation Material

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