Jake Zimmerman
Jake Zimmerman

A self proclaimed "types enthusiast," Jake enjoys learning how type systems can help bring clarity and focus to large codebases. He works on the Sorbet core team at Stripe where he brings his experience with types and programming languages to help make engineers more productive every day.

Paul Tarjan
Paul Tarjan

Lifelong nerd and engineer. Nowadays he works at Stripe mostly on developer productivity and infrastructural components like rate limiters, core abstractions, large code refactors and language design. In the past he helped build HHVM and Hack at Facebook, worked on the Open Graph and changed your search results to not just be 10 blue links.

State of Sorbet: A Type Checker for Ruby

We have developed a typesystem for Ruby at Stripe with a goal of helping developers understand code better, write code with more confidence, and detect+prevent significant classes of bugs.

This talk shares experience of Stripe successfully adopting Sorbet in our codebase which had millions lines of code that were written before the typechecker had been conceived. The talk will describe: - the process used to add typing to existing code; - many tools developed to support this process; - impact of this type system on safety and productivity at Stripe.

We also have some exciting announcements!

The talk does not require any previous knowledge of types and should be accessible to a broad audience.

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