Maciej Mensfeld
Maciej Mensfeld

I'm a software architect and engineer working with I have experience in a wide variety of business applications built using multiple Ruby frameworks. I’m particularly interested in code quality assurance and the way it affects the software development process. I’m an active OSS contributor and maintainer of various projects including Karafka – Framework used to simplify Apache Kafka-based Ruby applications development.

How to take over a Ruby gem

Using Ruby gems is safe, right? We're a nice community of friendly beings that act towards the same goal: making Ruby better. But is that true? Can we just blindly use libraries, without making sure, that they are what they are supposed to be?

Come and learn how you can take over a gem, what you can do with it once you have it and what you can do to protect yourself against several types of attacks you're exposed to on a daily basis. Let's exploit the Ruby gems world, and its data together.

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