Kevin Menard
Kevin Menard

Kevin is a researcher at Oracle Labs where he works as part of a team developing TruffleRuby, a high performance Ruby implementation. He’s been involved with the Ruby community since 2008 and has been doing open source in some capacity since 1999. In his spare time he’s a father of two and enjoys playing drums.

Beyond `puts`: TruffleRuby’s Modern Debugger Using Chrome

We all write bugs. How quickly we can identify & understand them depends on the quality of our tools.

In this talk you'll be introduced to TruffleRuby's modern debugger, based on the Chrome browser's DevTools Protocol. TruffleRuby's uniquely powerful set of tools let you debug, profile, and inspect the memory usage of Ruby code, native extensions, and other embedded languages all at the same time. Support for those tools is zero-overhead so you can have them always enabled. I'll show you how it all works and how it lets you step through Ruby code, inspect local variables, evaluate expressions, and more.

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