Justin Searls
Justin Searls

Justin Searls is on a mission to find the root causes that have led to most software being buggy, unpleasant to use, and hard to maintain. He cofounded Test Double, an agency of like-minded consultants who join client teams to write great code while making software better for everyone.

The Selfish Programmer

Using Ruby at work is great… but sometimes it feels like a job!

This year, I rediscovered the joy of writing Ruby apps for nobody but myself—and you can, too! Solo development is a great way to learn skills, to find inspiration, and to distill what matters most about programming.

Building an entire app by yourself can be overwhelming, but this talk will make it easier. We'll start with a minimal toolset that one person can maintain. You'll learn how many "bad" coding practices can actually reduce complexity. You may be surprised how selfish coding can make you a better team member, too!

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