Go Sueyoshi
Go Sueyoshi

I was born and raised in Fukuoka. My body is made of Tonkotsu-Ramen 🍜 I'm a maintainer of rubicure, Itamae, chatwork-ruby and many many OSS. I'm engineer of I'm working as like a SRE (web application, infrastructure and CI engineer). Pretty Cure is my life, and Cure Peace is my wife💛

Best practices in web API client development

How many did you make web API clients?

I have made web API clients as OSS, but I have made more private web API clients (not OSS) than that. (total 10+ gems)

Everyone should have used an external web service web API to create something.

Sometimes, you may need to create a client to use private web APIs that are not publicly exposed.

I would like to introduce the best practices of making web API clients.

I think that designing a good API client will lead to a good gem design, so I believe that my talk is beneficial not only for API client developers but also gem developers.

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