Yurie Yamane(team yamanekko)
Yurie Yamane(team yamanekko)

"nora" mrubyist. A member of Team Yamanekko. A member of TOPPERS Project.

Masayoshi Takahashi
Masayoshi Takahashi

Masayoshi Takahashi is an old-time Rubyist and the founder of Nihon Ruby no Kai, a non-profit Ruby community in Japan. He is also the founder of Tatsu-Zine Publising, the e-book publisher for IT engineers in Japan.

(partially) Non-volatile mruby

In RubyKaigi 2018, I talked about basic idea of putting mruby on ROM. But there’s still some objects consuming RAM, such as IREP structure and libraries defined in Ruby. In this session, I will give another solution for the problem to put more structures into ROM. Moreover, I will explain about the change of implementation of instance variables and Hash class in mruby 2.0, and the effect of memory consumption.

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