Yuki Kurihara
Yuki Kurihara

He is a Ruby Programmer at READYFOR, inc. He has been fascinated by Ruby for 10 years. He feels the potential of RBS and his goal is to "Type Everywhere".

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RBS generation framework using Rack architecture

For a happy programming experience, type support is a very effective approach. However, type information is still far from sufficient.

RBS definition is labor intensive. I have worked on RBS definitions for several libraries and applications. From my experience, I have found that different libraries and applications have very different needs for RBS generation.

Therefore, I am developing a code generation framework for RBS. By writing code generation scripts using this framework, you can automate RBS generation as much as possible in accordance with Ruby code updates. You can use the Rack architecture to combine your preferred features to meet a variety of needs. In addition, you can test your own extensions on the fly or publish them as extension gems.

This talk will present the progress of the project, implementation details, as well as the usefulness of the Rack architecture in one-shot scripting.

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