Stan Lo
Stan Lo
  • @_st0012

Stan is a senior developer at Shopify and is a major contributor of the Ruby debugger. He and his teammates at the Ruby Developer Experience Team are dedicated to helping Ruby developers feel happy and productive.

Ruby debugger - The best investment for your productivity

In this talk, I want to show you how adopting the Ruby debugger (ruby/debug) can be the single best thing to improve your productivity. It will include:

  • The difference between puts debugging, REPL (Pry/IRB) debugging and debugger debugging
  • Comparison with byebug
  • How you can use debugger to achieve even better puts and REPL debugging result:
    • Replace REPL debugging with breakpoint commands
    • Replace puts debugging with tracing and context commands
  • Automate debugging steps with do: and pre: options
  • Remote debugging capability
  • The debugging tooling spectrum and when you should not use the debugger