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Fu-ga is a Rubyist born and raised in Saitama, Japan. He works as a WEB Application Engineer at ESM, Inc. Now He is interested in and practices Ruby static types.

Types teaches success, what will we do?

Are there “Types" of Ruby in the project you are involved with?

Starting with Ruby 3.0, RBS and Steep are bundled, and Ruby now has static Types.
Unfortunately, many projects have not yet introduced Types, I think. One reason for this is the lack of gem Types used in many projects.

In this talk, I propose a contribution to gem_rbs_collection as one of the things we can do to promote the Type Ecosystem in Ruby.
I'll walk you step by step through the process of contributing to gem_rbs_collection so that you can commit without hesitation when the opportunity arises.

If more Rubyists become interested in gem_rbs_collection as a result of this talk, it is expected to accelerate the spread of the Type ecosystem.

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