Yasuko Ohba
Yasuko Ohba

A Programmer using Ruby and Rails living in Tokyo, Japan. One of founders of Everyleaf Corporation.

The Better RuboCop World to enjoy Ruby

Tools like RuboCop are very useful. I am very grateful for contributors. I think it's really helpful to keep our code clean and consistent.

However, sometimes I feel there is a gap between 'Cop' culture and Ruby culture. In general, 'Cop' restricts our rights though Ruby gives freedom to us.

I understand we have right not to use RuboCop or disable some Cops. But it is not very easy in reality, especially for Ruby beginners in their teams. To make them happier, experts would be able to set up config perfectly. But again, it is not very easy in reality. As a result, even though there is no evil, in some case people wrongfully make detour and give up their creativeness to keep CI green. It's a pity, isn't it?

In this talk, I introduce my thoughts on RubyCop and programming and some idea of a bit better RuboCop world, with lower risk to damage productivity and to misguide beginners.

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