Naoto Ono
Naoto Ono
  • @ono-max

Software engineer at CyberAgent, inc.

Tools for Providing rich user experience in debugger

ruby/debug is one of the very active projects, and many users use it. Also, there are some hidden valuable features to enhance your development experience. This talk dives into Chrome integration and History Viewer within them.

Chrome integration: Debugging with Chrome DevTools is the one of popular ways, especially in JavaScript. The advantages of Chrome DevTools are easy setup and a rich user experience. You don't have to install any tools except for Chrome.

History Viewer: What do you do when you want to step back to the specified line? History Viewer can help you in the situation. History Viewer, which extends stepping back, is the feature in VSCode extension for ruby/debug. You can go back to the location without thinking about how many times "step back" commands are needed.

In this talk, I will introduce how to use them and how they work, such as how to communicate between ruby/debug and Chrome DevTools.

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