Uchio is a plain-old Rubyist and a novice Rustacean. A member of Server Infrastructure & Live Streaming Team @ Mirrativ, Inc. "Hacker" Supporter of Fukuoka Engineer's Café. Uchio has got a grant from Ruby Association in 2019 over developing a gem named RbBCC, a BPF toolchain for Ruby. He also has developed some gems and talked on his works in past RubyKaigis.

Ruby x BPF in Action: How important observability is

Do you like to measure your code? When it comes to applications that you write mainly in Ruby, there are powerful observability tools such as stackprof, but what about observability outside the Ruby world such as C, C++ and Rust? BPF will be perfect for solving those problems.

So, what is BPF? BPF is one of the emerging technologies for Linux. The talk focuses on what the BPF is for the audiences who are new to BPF. I will give a brief history and basic concepts at first. And I will also illustrate its strong points and restrictions compared to existing tools (e.g. strace or perf); The talk will also cover the relationship between the various tools related to BPF (you might have heard of BCC, bpftrace, RbBCC, Rucy, etc.).

In addition, I will give examples of BPF use cases applied for smaller or PoC Ruby applications. Finally, practical performance measurement and tuning cases using BPF based on several Rust-based Rubygems (owned by the author) will be introduced.

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