Yuji Yokoo
Yuji Yokoo
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Yuji is a software developer based in Adelaide, South Australia. He is originally from Tokyo, Japan. He used to be a Windows desktop application developer until he discovered Ruby.

Megaruby - Running mruby/c programs on Sega Mega Drive

Have you heard of Sega Mega Drive? It was a very popular video gaming platform back in the 80s and 90s, and now you can run programs on it written in Ruby!

I have been working on porting mruby/c to Mega Drive. It now works well enough to run a simple game and I have developed one. I would like to share with you what has been done so far, what I would like to do next, how you can also develop your Mega Drive game with Ruby, and why we should program on platforms like Mega Drive.

This will also include a live demo on a Mega Drive unit (or compatible hardware).

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