Edouard Chin
Edouard Chin

My name is Edouard, I'm a production engineer in the Rails team at Shopify. One of the many project our team has to work on is keeping our monolith up to date. Before that I was working in the Payments team at Shopify where I was helping to define the future of payments on the web.

Journey of a complex gem upgrade

Although every gem bump should be done carefully and with attention, most of the time it’s just a matter of running the bundle update command, look at the CHANGELOG, and maybe fix couple tests failing due to the upgrade. But what about upgrading a gem whom introduced a lot of breaking changes in the new version? The upgrade could cause hundreds if not thousands of your existing tests to fail.

In this talk I’d like to share the different techniques and strategies that will allow you to upgrade any dependency smoothy and safely.

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