Emma Haruka Iwao
Emma Haruka Iwao

Emma is a developer advocate for Google Cloud Platform, focusing on application developers experience. She is trying to make Cloud adorable for everyone through events, demos, and online content. Emma was a site reliability engineer at a mobile game company companies before coming to Google. Besides software engineering, shes likes games, traveling, and eating delicious food. She has also been working with the Rails Girls community in Japan and teaching Rails to future developers.

Exploring Internal Ruby Through C Extensions

You may have wondered how Ruby objects are represented in the CRuby code. Not really? I would say writing a C extension is a great way to explore and learn how CRuby handles different object types. This session will re-implement our own Hash class, explain basic types in the CRuby, compare performance between native Hash, pure C++ implementation, and the C extension version, and discuss memory layouts and consumption in Ruby. The audience will also become more comfortable with the CRuby code through this session. Experience with C is not required.

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