Benoit Daloze
Benoit Daloze

Benoit Daloze is a PhD student in Linz, Austria, researching concurrency in Ruby with TruffleRuby for the past several years. He has contributed to many Ruby implementations, including MRI, TruffleRuby and JRuby. He is the maintainer of ruby/spec, a test suite for the behavior of the Ruby programming language.

Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby

Array and Hash are used in every Ruby program. Yet, current implementations either prevent the use of them in parallel (the global interpreter lock in MRI) or lack thread-safety guarantees (JRuby raises an exception on concurrent Array#<<). Concurrent::Array from concurrent-ruby is thread-safe but prevents parallel access.

This talk shows a technique to make Array and Hash thread-safe while enabling parallel access, with no penalty on single-threaded performance. In short, we keep the most important thread-safety guarantees of the global lock while allowing Ruby to scale up to tens of cores!

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