Terence Lee
Terence Lee

Terence leads Heroku’s Ruby Task Force curating the Ruby experience on the platform. He's worked on some OSS projects such as Ruby (the language), mruby, Bundler, Resque, as well as helping with the Rails Girls movement. When he’s not going to an awesome Heroku or Ruby event, he lives in Austin, TX, the taco capital of America. Terence loves Friday hugs, EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK! Give him a big one when you see him! In addition to hugs, he believes in getting people together for #rubykaraoke.

Chase McCarthy
Chase McCarthy

By day, Chase is a full-stack developer at Power Auctions working with Ember, Rails, and Elixir/Phoenix. As a former aircraft electronics technician he's still an electronics geek at heart. Chase is a hardware hacker, building tiny homemade quadcopters and tinkering with embedded applications. He has also been an active voice in the Ember.js community as a host of the EmberWeekend podcast. He's a recent transplant to Austin, TX. so come say howdy!

Controlling Droids™ with mruby & Go

Ruby has never been at the forefront of dealing with robots, IoT, or other low level systems. What Ruby is great at is scripting and building DSLs. Using mruby we can leverage existing ecosystems while still using the language we love.

In this talk, we'll deep dive into how we can execute mruby handlers inside a Go event reactor to control a Sphero R2-D2. With surprisingly few lines of code, you can coordinate motors, lights, and sound concurrently. Come learn about mruby & robotics and see the Droids™ you're looking for in action.

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