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Satoshi "moris" Tagomori
Satoshi "moris" Tagomori

OSS developer/maintainer: Fluentd, Norikra, MessagePack-Ruby, Woothee and many others mainly about Web services, data collecting and distributed/streaming data processing. Living in Tokyo, and day job is for Treasure Data.

Hijacking Ruby Syntax in Ruby

This talk shows how to introduce new syntax-ish stuffs using meta programming techniques and some more Ruby features not known well by many Rubyists. Have fun with magical code!

  • Show Ruby features to hack Ruby syntax (including Binding, TracePoint, Refinements, etc)
  • Describe stuffs introduced by these techniques
    • method modifiers (final, abstract, override)
    • Table-like syntax for testing DSL
    • Safe resource allocation/collection (with, defer)
  • Propose new traceable events, hooks, etc

Presentation Material

Recorded video