Kenta Murata
Kenta Murata

A full-time CRuby committer at Speee Inc. I'm currently focusing on making Ruby a data-science-ready programming language.

Yusaku Hatanaka
Yusaku Hatanaka

I'm working at Speee Inc. Red Data Tools project member. my blog is here =>

Deep Learning Programming on Ruby

We will present you how to program deep learning models with a practical performance by Ruby language. We will use Apache MXNet and Red Chainer from Ruby. While Apache MXNet is available through pycall.rb, they will be used directly from Ruby without such bridge system in this talk. Our demonstrations will show you that Ruby is ready to do such tasks.

Additionally, we will show you the latest progress and the future forecasts of the projects that aim to make Ruby available in data science field.

Presentation Material

Recorded video