Prasun Anand
Prasun Anand

Prasun is involved with different open-source projects aimed at super fast Scientific Computing on Ruby and D. He worked with SciRuby as a GSoC student in 2016, 2017 and a Ruby Grant recepient. He worked on JRuby port of NMatrix and is currently work on creating GPGPU libraries for D and Ruby. Currently he is working with Genenetwork on softwares for high performance genome analysis and RbCUDA gem.

High Performance GPU computing with Ruby

Ruby being so old and a mature programming is still not preferred for Scientific Computing, mostly because it can’t handle large datasets .

RbCUDA and ArrayFire gem, that I created have an outstanding performance and can handle real world problems by crunching huge datasets.

In this talk I would like to show how RbCUDA and ArrayFire help you easily accelerate your code.

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