Sameer Deshmukh
Sameer Deshmukh

Sameer is a Master's degree student at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and a contributor to the Ruby Science Foundation, where he helps build scientific computation tools in Ruby. He is currently maintaining daru and rubex. He enjoys spending spare time with friends, books and his bass guitar.

Ferrari Driven Development: superfast Ruby with Rubex

Did you ever really really want to speed up your Ruby code with C extensions but got baffled by mountains of documentation and scary C programming and chose to move to another language instead? Did you wish that you could just release that GIL and extract all the juice that your processor has to offer without losing your hair? If yes, then come see this talk!

This talk will introduce you to Rubex, the fastest and happiest way of writing Ruby C extensions. Rubex is a whole new language designed from the ground up keeping in mind Ruby's core philosophy - make programmers happy.

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