Kirk Haines
Kirk Haines

I started using Ruby back in the Ruby 1.6 days, and I have used it in my daily professional life ever since. I'm fascinated by issues of application design, distributed architecture, and making hard things easy. I was also the last Ruby 1.8.6 maintainer. For entertainment, I read studies on exercise and nutrition physiology, and I like to run and bicycle long distances. This year will include my first 50k and 50m running races, and at least one 75 mile gravel bike race.

It's Rubies All The Way Down

Ruby is a language with expansive capabilities. One of it's main niches is with web application work. Typically, Ruby is used exclusively in the application container/application layer, with other technologies providing the rest of the stack. Ruby can fill other roles in the application stack, though, so for fun, let's explore a stack that is composed of Ruby software from top to bottom. What would that look like? How would it perform? Why would you do this?

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