Alexandre Terrasa
Alexandre Terrasa
  • @Morriar

Alexandre has a PhD in computer science about compiling and code documentation. He specializes in typing specifications and implementations. He currently works as a Staff Production Engineer on the Ruby and Rails Infrastructure team at Shopify. He uses his expertise for the adoption of better Ruby tooling and practices including Sorbet and gradual typing.

Gradual typing for Ruby: comparing RBS and RBI/Sorbet

Since the releases of Sorbet then RBS, many developers are looking to adopt gradual type checking for their Ruby project. But what are the differences between these two solutions? Which one should they choose?

In this talk we’ll compare RBS and RBI/Sorbet typing specifications. We’ll show how to get started with typing, the pros and cons of each solution as well as their related tooling.

Whether you're just getting started with Ruby or you're calling the technical shots for your team, come and see which typing specification is best suited for your needs and how it can improve your developer experience.

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