Genadi Samokovarov
Genadi Samokovarov
  • @gsamokovarov

Genadi is a Ruby developer from Sofia, Bulgaria. I work for Dext ( and run our local meet-up called Ruby Banitsa. I'm an occasional Rails and RuboCop contributor, maintaining the web-console gem.

RuboCop's baddest cop

At Dext (, we use a perky Ruby style – we omit the parentheses in method calls. When I joined the company we enforced this rule through code review. Having spent time in Go-land where gofmt rules every discussion, I wondered... How hard it is to make RuboCop enforce calls without parens? Turns out – it's pretty hard! Ruby hides a lot of ambiguities and requirements in that permissive syntax. Join me, in a talk where I explore every little Ruby quirk I found while trying to invent a robot that yells at me when I call a method with parens instead of a Human!

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