Hirokazu SUZUKI
Hirokazu SUZUKI
  • @heronshoes

Author of RedAmber, a DataFrame library in Ruby. A member of Red Data Tools.

The Adventure of RedAmber - A data frame library in Ruby

RedAmber is a data frame library written in Ruby. Its goal is to allow data frame processing to be written in a Ruby-like manner. RedAmber utilizes Red Arrow, a Ruby implementation of Apache Arrow which aims to build a language-independent data processing infrastructure based on the columnar format. Development of RedAmber began in April 2022 and has completed implementation of key features and significant code revisions. In this presentation, I plan to introduce the significance of RedAmber in the field of data processing with Ruby, its unique features not found in other libraries, and future improvements. I would also like to share my message to the Ruby community from my experience as a novice OSS developer in the process of creating RedAmber.

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