OSS programmer, Ruby committer, maintainer of many OSS such as ruby, rubygems, bundler, rake, rbenv, ruby-build, psych, and administrator of He maintains the infrastructure that supports the development of the Ruby programming language. He is working in public relations of technology for ANDPAD Inc. and full time OSS developer for the Ruby programming language.

How resolve Gem dependencies in your code?

I maintain the RubyGems, Bundler and the standard libraries of the Ruby language. I've finished to work that standard libraries promote to the default gems until Ruby 3.1. I've promote some gems like net-smtp, net-imap to the bundled gems. And we released rbs and debug gems as the bundled gems. So, we can provide the best developer experience at the release day.

On the other hands, the default gems and bundled gems have a lot of problems especially dependency resolution. I'll describe what are problems related default gems and bundled gems in maintainer's view. I'd like to get more feedback to Gemification for the future with this session.

In Ruby 3.2, Bundler 2.4 have new dependency resolver named PubGrub. RubyGems team have a plan to introduce this resolver for RubyGems. I describe the feature of dependency resolution of gem dependencies. Finaly, I introduce how RubyGems and Bundler resolve gem dependencies in your code with the default gems and bundled gems.

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