Jemma Issroff
Jemma Issroff
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Jemma Issroff works on Shopify's Ruby Infrastructure team. She is also a co-founder of WNB.rb, a women / non-binary Ruby community and a co-host on The Ruby on Rails Podcast. She has been working on an implementation of Object Shapes in MRI and is excited to share it with you!

Tips and Tricks for working in the MRI Codebase

Have you ever had the urge to contribute to Ruby? Maybe to fix a bug you saw, add more documentation, or put up a PR to go alongside a feature request?

Then this talk is for you! We will discuss how to develop in MRI, by learning the C we need to get started, and how to build, test, and debug within the MRI codebase. Even if you already have experience developing in MRI, this talk will hopefully give you tips to make it easier to contribute more!

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