Takashi Kokubun
Takashi Kokubun
  • @k0kubun

Takashi Kokubun is a Staff Developer at Shopify, based in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a Ruby committer, he has worked on JIT compilers for Ruby for 5 years. He optimizes YJIT at work and RJIT in his spare time.

Ruby JIT Hacking Guide

YJIT delivered a significant speedup to various real-world applications. Have you wondered how a Just-In-Time compiler makes your application fast?

Ruby 3.2 has a secret backdoor to hook your own Just-In-Time compiler. Using that “feature”, this talk will guide you through how a Ruby JIT can be written in Ruby. You’ll learn the basics of Ruby VM, how to encode native instructions in Ruby, and interesting optimizations that JIT can do with them.

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