Koichi ITO
Koichi ITO

Koichi Ito is a member of RuboCop core team and open source software maintainer. He is a long time practitioner of Ruby/Rails application development with eXtreme Programming. He is also Engineering Manager and Distinguished Engineer at ESM, Inc.

The Resurrection of the Fast Parallel Test Runner

Are your tests running fast enough? As far as I know, the most effective solution is test parallelization if your project testing is slow.

In recent years, parallel testing has been included in Rails 6 for parallelization of tests, but speeding up tests is important not only for Rails. parallel_tests and test-queue are well-known parallel test runners for vanilla Ruby, classic Rails application project, and so on.

Both parallel_tests and test-queue support testing in parallel, and each has a different strategy. The test-queue strategy has distinct advantages over parallel_tests but maintenance was stuck when I got a commit bit for test-queue. So I've been contributing to the resurrection of the product sustainability. I will share some lesser-known parallel testing insights I've gained in reviving the test-queue. And explore possibilities of parallel programming in Ruby.

I hope this talk provides an opportunity to make your test faster and makes you happy.

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